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Picardy, satire, cabaret...

The UROZ JAZZ DEALERS take us back to the roots of Jazz, Blues, old Louisiana, the times of steamships, brass bands, madams... They offer us a spicy repertoire with songs like 'Making Whopee', ’Hard Hearted Hannah' and 'I'm confessin' that I love you'... just like the muses of the time such as Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Sweet Emma Barret... With the talent and the plunder of these five Catalan Jazzmans, we are delighted with the show of this vocal phenomenon, Marc Uroz and his Jazz Dealers.

Marc Uroz: Voice

Oscar Source: Trombó

Jordi Griso: Piano and Trompette

Josemi Moraleda: Contrabass

Oriol Gonzalez: Battery and Washboard

Uroz Jazz Dealers

Uroz Jazz Dealers


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