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A lover of music and dance, Greta K. is actively involved in the local "fusion dance" scene.

She is an insatiable seeker of sounds. And one of the things she enjoys most is finding, listening to and sharing new musical gems with dancers.

Her DJ style is heavily influenced by electronic music, combining energetic moments with softer, more sensual ones, depending on how the dance floor feels. For her, “Fusion" is self-expression, fun, freedom, and that's why she loves it.  

As a lover of good parties, she is the resident DJ and co-organiser of Flow Fusion Dance Night, a monthly event that has been held in Barcelona for more than five years. In addition, over the last few years, she has also shared her musical taste at numerous festivals and events all over Europe.

DJane Greta Kroketa (Milena)

DJane Greta Kroketa (Milena)


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