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A Jamaican born in the United States, DanDann was classically trained in piano, and learned and taught herself several other instruments, though nowadays she mainly focuses on voice and guitar for ease of travel. She has performed across the US, Europe, the UK, South East Asia, South America, and the Caribbean, playing her own originals, along with restyled popular cover songs. From street performing to festival stages before thousands, she aims to use her mixture of Jazz, Indie, Soul and Blues to help listeners challenge their perceptions and experience their emotions in new ways.

Andrea Liarco, born in Rome and living in Spain, literally grew up in music and dance.

Classically trained in violin and piano at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, he chose to focus his styles on jazz, blues, and electronic music, while integrating his knowledge with guitar and harmonica, and with DJing and music production.

From intimate concerts to theatrical tours to full blown festivals, music and dance have allowed Andrea to travel extensively and perform with exceptional artists, broadening his horizons to new and old styles, histories and experiences within the world of movement, especially with the Blues. Currently, he is an active live musician, touring as part of several musical groups, as a DJ, and as a blues dance teacher and performer, and is especially focused on the European Blues, Swing and Fusion Festival circuits.

DanDann and Andrea Liarco came together in early 2022, along with bassist Tonete Puerto, in order to play for the Espanish Blues Festival in April. Upon discovering multiple shared interests, goals, and styles, they began touring as duo DANDREA.  While initially focused on playing blues and fusion, the two have other exciting future projects in their sights.




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