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If you are coming to the exchange from outside Barcelona and would like a local blues dancer to host you in their home, you can fill out the hosting form, indicating that you are looking for accommodation.


Similarly, if you live in Barcelona and want to host a blues dancer coming from abroad, you can also fill out the same form, indicating what kind of accommodation you are offering.


To have the best chances, fill out this form as soon as possible. This could be the beginning of a new friendship! If you have never hosted a blues dancer from another country or another city in your home, or if you've never been hosted by a blues dancer from Barcelona this information could be useful to you.




Try to be in contact with your guest before they arrive in Barcelona, especially to find out what date and time they will arrive in the city.


On this website you can find information on how to get from the airport to the city centre to help them, but remember to give them directions to your house.


If your guest needs to bring some things, such as towels, sheets, sleeping bag, etc. remember to tell them and it would be good to let them know the sleeping arrangements, if they will sleep in a bed, on a sofa or on a sofa bed, etc.


Do not worry if you cannot cook (you can always opt for the 'pa amb tomàquet' :) or if you do not have a car: it's not your responsibility to feed them everyday or take them on a tour of Barcelona, ​​but it would always be appreciated to give them directions to public transport or supermarkets and restaurants in your area.


The idea is that the person benefits from the night's stay during the Blues Exchange, but if the visitor requests staying longer, you should talk it over beforehand in order to avoid misunderstandings.



Supply your host with information regarding the details of your trip.


Please ask if you have to bring something (towels, sheets, sleeping bag, etc.).


If your host cannot accompany you to all the parties, ask if they could give you directions to the various locations of the events (and research how to get home!).


Similarly, remember that the food is not included in the housing, so ask your host about the nearest supermarkets or restaurants.


Please be tidy and clean and remember that it never hurts to bring the person that welcomes you a small gift, such as a delicacy or a souvenir from your city ;)


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