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BCNswing invites you to the 5th EDITION (plus 2 online) of the Blues & Fusion Exchange in Barcelona, an exchange between dancers from different cities and backgrounds.

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As you may already know, this exchange aims to combine two of our passions, dancing and chocolate. Yes! This delicious duo is back this year and it’s about to get even sweeter! Chocolate, Blues and Fusion are things that won’t be in short supply this coming March.
We’ve got Blues to warm your spirit, Fusion to make you vibrate, chocolate to sweeten things up, cultural activities to spark your interest and gastronomical events to knock your socks off!

Live music will take central stage in the festival with some of the best musicians from Spain and across the world!
There will be a chocolate activity, a lecture, a gastronomical journey and a few other tasty treats! Stay tuned for more details!


Are you ready?

Cocoa team


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