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Mix and Match -  Saturday night 

Very little to say about this widely known competition, the classic among the classics, where you’ll join as a lead or as a follow and you won’t know either the song nor your partner. Show your skills in partner-dancing and pay special attention in building a good connexion and complicity between both of you without forgetting about the musicality!

Prelims, Saturday at 19:30h, when the party starts. Final about 20:30h.

Price: 5€ (Full pass free)

You must have a Full pass or pay 5€ extra.

Solo Blues Battle - Sunday night 

Last year sensation!

A Solo Blues boxing battle between two contestants where only one wins. You’ll just have a 1’20” song to beat your opponent and convince the judges that you are the winner with your best bluesy moves. Remember that you are dancing Solo Blues and don’t dare to touch your rival!
Prelims and final, Sunday during te closing party (22h aprox).

You must have a  Full pass or pay 5€.



1st place: 2 Social-Pass for Blues Baby Blues (London-UK) 2020

2nd place: 2 Party-Pass for Marathon Blues (Toulouse-France) 2020

3rd place: 2 Party-Pass for Low&Slow (La Garriga-Barcelona) 2020

Solo Contest

1st place: Full-Pass for Solo classes at Bluesila (Lithuania) 2020

2nd place: Full-Pass for In Love with Blues (Tours-France) 2020

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