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Classes are back in this edition. We advance lots of fun and learning with these amazing teachers. Three hours to go deep into on of these 3 proposals: Blues Dance in couple, Solo Blues o Fusion Dance. 

Please keep in mind that you will need to select the class you would like to assist when ordering your ticket. Each monographic class will cover two topics. In this section you can find out more info about the teachers and their proposals.



Shivani & Stephen (UK)

Shivani and Stephen bonded after their very first partnered social dance when they realised that their core approach to dancing was the same... Feel the music, let it move you and then have a  conversation in movement with another person. When teaching together, their focus is on developing the characteristics that are innate in African dances while encouraging dancers to explore their own style within the context of the music.



Flouer Evelyn (EEUU)

Flouer Evelyn is a dance instructor & Embodiment Coach from New York City, currently based in Turin, Italy. She has been teaching Fusion since 2011, has MFA in dance and a background teaching and performing Blues, Contemporary, Latin Ballroom, ballet, and ice skating. She has won plenty of partner dance competitions in various styles, and has performed & taught all over the globe.



Alexandra Karsenty (France)

Alexandra Karsenty is a contemporary dance teacher, state-qualified by the French Dance National Centre in 2007, choreographer and director of the Compagnie ADP/ L'Ailleurs Des PeauxCibles based in Toulouse. Her pieces develop a writing crossing Dance Theater and puppet with the body. She has also been a performer for multiple companies as a dancer and actor for nearly 20 years. She is an instructor in Society dances graduated from IFDS in 2012, and a teacher of Blues Dance graduated in Barcelona in 2020 (Bluemove Bcn), she teaches in France and Europe (IT, SP, BLR, LIT...)



Swing Maniacs is one of the most influential dance schools on the Barcelona scene, offering all styles of dance classes with swing music and boasts a large number of students. All the classrooms are well equipped with all facilities such as mirrors, wooden floors, sound system, air conditioning, wifi and curtains.

Street Roger de Flor, 291-293

Area: Gràcia. Tube station: L4 Joanic (yellow line)

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