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James Sedgwick (Canada)

James Sedgwick is a Canadian born singer and multi instrumentalist. His music career began after undergoing surgery in both eyes at the age of thirteen. The recovery period left him unable to attend school, read, watch TV, play sports or do much of anything except listen to and play music. Starting with a cheap harmonica and a thin instruction booklet James began a career that has spanned twenty five years and four continents.


Uroz Jazz Dealers (Barcelona)

Picardy, satire, cabaret ...

The UROZ JAZZ DEALERS will take us on a journey to the roots of Jazz, to old Louisiana, to the era of steamboats, marching bands, madams, Blues ... They will offer us a spicy repertoire with songs like 'Making Whopee','Hard Hearted Hannah' and ‘I'm confessing 'that I love you'... just like the Musses of the time like Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Sweet Emma Barret... With the talent and cheating of these 5 Catalan Jazzmans, will delight us in this new show of this Phenomenon of the Voice, Marc Uroz and his Jazz Dealers. Don't miss it!


Marc Uroz: Voice

Oscar Font: Trombone

Jordi Griso: Piano & Trumpet

Josemi Moraleda: Double bass

Oriol Gonzàlez: Drums & Washboard


La Revolution Band (Valencia)
2 Fusion concerts, one acoustic on Friday and electronic on Saturday.

Revolution Band was born as a part of the dance comunity, they are dancers creating and playing music for dancers. Their songs are based on different roots musics and mixed with modern harmonies to create a perfect atmosphere for dancing.  Join their beats and have a full dance experience.


The Rhythm Treasures (Barcelona)

From the depths of the hottest rhythm n 'blues come The Rhythm Treasures, a combo of savages who is presenting their first album All Around The World (Sleazy Records 2019). 

A very brutal work that contains found jewels and original compositions and a quintet with long-standing musicians that celebrates the tradition of the original blues and jazz turned into rhythm.

Myriam Swanson: Voice

Balta Bordoy: Guitar

Artem Zhulyev: Tenor saxophone and baritone

Paco Weht: Double bass

Salva Suauz: Drums 


Wax & Boogie (Barcelona) Copiar

The final bit of the Cocoa Blues Exchange! This magical night we’ll listen to the musical genius of Wax&Boogie (representing Spain in the 2015 European Blues Contest) and the incredible voice of Ster Wax. Say goodbye to all the amazing dance partners and friends made during the festival.



DJ EUSEBIO (DJ Coordinator)

With almost a decade dancing and DJing at Blues and Swing local parties and international festivals, Mr. Eusebio is a reputed and experienced music selector, the perfect Master of DJ's, the one in charge of controlling everything related to music, the other DJ's, the person in charge of DJing the competitions... but his main duty is not to let you rest from dancing in the whole weekend.


DJ Luke Saint (UK)

Luke is an avid collector of records across all musical genres and enjoys digging deep in record stores to find hidden gems. As a blues and swing dancer, he also enjoys sharing his musical finds DJing at local dance events in Barcelona, and always endeavours to drop in at least a couple of rare, unknown tracks into his sets.


DJ Thierry (France)

DJ thierry is before all a creative dancer that lives the music. He comes form the swing and blues universe before dancing Salsa and falling in love with Argentine tango. His various dancing background drives him toward mixing dance and music styles which is his definition of fusion. As a dancer and as a DJ, what makes him vibrate in the music is a nice melody and a rich various rhythmic content and energy variation that feed the dancer creativity.

Thierry is co-organizer of several dance festival for Fusion (Toulouse fusion week end  and Bruges fusion weekend) as well as NEO tango (Toulouse neo tango marathon (TNT), Neo Tango Amsterdam (NTA) , neo Tango Bruges (NTB) and Neo tango Dresden (NTD) as well as a monthly fusion party in Toulouse


DJ Jelen (Barcelona)

I got into the world of blues 6 years ago and the fascination has led me to know and love music and dance. I love to travel and go to festivals abroad and meet other communities. I have also been playing at parties and festivals for several years. I enjoy the sessions with a variety of blues styles, which my favourites are Chicago blues, jazz and funky blues and the blueswoman. I like to think of the sessions as a trip that we make together towards unknown and exciting territories.


DJ Eric Duprat (Toulouse - France)

Eric has danced Rock&Roll several years and then discovered the world of swing  in 2007. He began with lindy hop and balboa, but fell in love with the blues in 2009. Since then, trained by the biggest international teachers, he now gives regular classes in Toulouse and in some workshops.

But as dance is inseparable from music, he started DJing and has been DJ in most European blues workshops for several years. Having an eclectic music, from the old blues to the most recent, he likes to keep you on the floor until dawn.


DJ Encarny Villarreal (Valencia)

My passion is to create a world that is a great festival of love, light and joy and with this goal in mind I founded the swing, blues and fusion communities in Valencia.

I have been training dancers for more than 15 years and organizing prestigious festivals such as “Double Shot” which will launch its 6th edition shortly.

… but it was in 2014 when I fell in love with this world called Fusion, I traveled for months to learn from our great family in the US, I created the project to unite all communities and since then I have not stopped sharing this magic that heals our body and soul.

When I play fusion for dancers, time disappears and in the silence that remains, the music arrives without being asked in order to be and feel free.


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